Keep your strings sounding bright and new for much longer!

The specialized formula in BassBrites extends string life by deoxidizing corrosion, not just by removing dirt and oil like other string cleaners.
Our proprietary formula was developed with bass players in mind.

You love the sound of a brand new set of bass strings – that clear, bright tone. The solid feel and punch. Too bad that tone seems to fade so fast. Bass strings are expensive, and can be a pain to change.

Stop wasting money on new strings!

You don’t have to buy new sets of strings to keep that new string tone. BassBrites clean out the dirt and oil AND prevent oxidation and corrosion that comes from acid in your hands. They keep your strings sounding bright and new for much longer! Other string cleaners don’t come close.

BassBrites were designed for electric bass, but work perfectly on guitar and any other metal stringed instrument. And don’t worry, they won’t harm your fretboard or any part of your instrument.

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